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The kitchen is considered to be the most important room in the home due to the amount of time that is spent cooking and preparing meals each day. Staying organized is essential to creating an organized environment to ensure that you can find what you need. If you want to organize your new kitchen and allow it to be tidy, there are five different tips to follow.

Use Clear Food Containers

You can organize your pantry by transferring all of your dry food ingredients into clear containers that are sealed and will prevent ants from finding their way to the items. The clear containers are easy to stack and label, which will allow you to free up extra space on each shelf. Cut out the directions on the back of the boxes and tape them to the containers to ensure that you can still learn how to prepare and use the ingredients.

Make Use of Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are essential to creating an organized kitchen because it will provide a place to store all of your ingredients and find them with ease. Instead of having to dig into the back of your cupboards for cinnamon or rosemary, you’ll be able to twirl the Lazy Susan to locate what you’re looking for and create a visually appealing environment that isn’t cluttered.

Add Racks to Stack Plates

One of the most common challenges of staying organized in kitchens is a lack of storage space that is available. Add racks on specific shelves to ensure that you can stack plates or mugs and make use of the vertical space that is available.

Purchase Baskets and Containers

From chips to granola bars, many items can become cluttered in the pantry. When it comes to storing smaller items like snacks, it’s important to rely on baskets and containers to group like items and make them easy to find. You can prevent items from being pushed onto the back of the shelves and spoiling by creating a place for each food item.

Add Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers make it easy to separate different items in your drawers and prevent everything from sliding around. The dividers will allow you to find what you need in seconds.